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Brexit – The BBC’s sequel to Downton Abbey

The real cause of yesterday’s vote by the British electorate to end its membership in the European Union was actually a well-executed plot by the BBC. With the BBC hit, Downton Abbey, ending after six seasons, the executives were searching for another multi-season blockbuster to help justify their special status as a quasi-public broadcaster. Add…

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Navigoe 2013 Year End Market Review

2013 was a year in which all eyes were on our nation’s capital.  We began the year on the cusp of going over the fiscal cliff.  We endured the sequester, the beginning of the Fed QE taper, and even a government shutdown. Through it all, the markets continued their ascent up the proverbial “wall of…

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"What's a Bubble?" or is that even the right question?

NPR recently interviewed Eugene Fama and Robert Shiller, two of the three winners of this year’s Nobel Prize in Economics.  As NPR notes, they are an odd couple to be honored together.  Shiller gained fame by identifying two recent major bubbles, the stock market in the late 90s and the housing market in the mid…

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